Monday, September 15, 2014

Duran Duran: My Memories Of A Band

The memories of this one-of-a-kind band still linger in my mind until now. Which Duran Duran fan will easily forget about them?

Watching the music videos of DD at makes me recall those times where I used to be their number one fan. That was in the 80s. Their songs used to be heard on my radio everyday.

They are among the best and most successful bands in the 80s alongside Spandau Ballet, Tears for Fears and Wham; but among the things that make them standout from their rivals are their music videos. They are tagged as the MTV Group during those times because their music videos are well-done, stylish, classy and contain stories to tell.

If you will ask me what I liked about this band, I will say they are unique in every way. I love the sexy sound of their music and their exciting music videos. Who wouldn't dance then to their tune? Who wouldn't want to watch them live? Their concerts are very dynamic and you can always see the crowd going wild whenever they perform. In addition to this, the guys who make up the band are not only talented --- they are also good-looking.

I used to collect pictures of them in a wooden box. I cut some from magazines and bought some from different gift shops. In my young age, I would sometimes travel alone from Sta. Rosa to Binan, Laguna just to purchase cassette tapes. My parents do not about it. :) During those times, there are only a few music stores around and the nearest to me is located in Binan. Most of the time, I wouldn't spend my allowance so I can sustain my hobby of collecting their memorabilia. Those items were my treasure during my teenage years.

Those were also the times where I would always wait for the airing of various MTV shows just to get the chance of watching their awesome MTVs. MTV shows then usually feature DD on a regular basis; and even if my dad kept nagging at me, threatening me that he will stop giving me allowance if I won't stop paying too much attention to this band, he never won against me in any way. I will watch them on TV whether the world approves of it or not.

Thanks to modern technology. Through the internet, finding Duran Duran videos are no longer that difficult. Thanks too to those people who uploaded their music videos on YouTube. Now, I can watch them whenever I want to without having to cry over an MTV show that I missed. Yeah, those were my crazy days. :)

Never in my whole life have I've been ashamed to tell everyone that I am once a Duranie and I will always be.

Duran Duran Band Members:

Simon Le Bon (vocals)
Nick Rhodes (synthesizer/keyboards)
John Taylor (bass guitar)
Roger Taylor (drums)
Andy Taylor (lead guitar)

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