Friday, September 12, 2014

Why I Love Jose

I watch Eat Bulaga regularly not just because it's been a tradition in the family but also because I really like Jose Manalo and the laughter he brings to viewers like me.

He can always disperse the stress brought about by my busy lifestyle. Sometimes, I couldn't help but wonder, how will the show do without him? The fact that he is one of its driving forces simply can't be denied.

I have high respect for comedians because making people laugh, is no doubt, a very difficult job; and we all know that it is always easier to make viewers cry. This is something he can do without lifting a finger. Moreover, I enjoy watching him because it's quite obvious that he enjoys his audience as well and he connects easily with the people around him. He seems to have the real passion to make people happy.

Jose Manalo is now a household name but he managed to keep a low profile. His antics gave him the popularity he deserves and drew him closer to the hearts of a lot of Filipino people.

Why I love him? It's not only because he is a very funny but it's also because his comedy style has a heart...and that makes him a natural.

Life is full of drama. Watching Jose Manalo makes it light and fun. For a while, I can break free from all the troubles that my daily routine forces on me.

The author, Jade Martin, is the founder and creator of Center for Paranormal Studies, Profilers of the Unknown and Intramuros Ghost Walk. She is also a Businesswoman, Life and Business Coach, Author, Singer and Songwriter, Ghost Tour Operator, Paranormal Investigator and Consultant, Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Numerologist and Tarot Reader.

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