Saturday, May 2, 2015

Blue Miracle Alkaline Drops - Treating Skin and Health Problems the Miraculous Way


This is among the personal care products I use that I can no longer live without. Why can't I carry on with life without it anymore? Simply because it can address almost every skin and health issue that you can think of; from head to foot, internal and external.

Blue Miracle is the best alkaline drops that we can buy here in the Philippines with pH 9.2. It's been trusted by a lot of Filipinos for more than 10 years now because of its amazing qualities.

I was able to save a lot of money since I started using this product because having 1 bottle of it will solve a lot of problems. In fact, I can take a sudden and unplanned vacation and survive just by bringing this product along with me.

Below are some of the many wonders of Blue Miracle:

Skin Care: Apply it directly on the part of the skin that you want to treat. It can treat wounds, bruises, irritation, allergies, rashes, fungal infection, varicose veins, warts, dark spots, psoriasis, to mention a few. Put about 6 drops of it to a wet sponge and apply the lather on your body whenever you take a bath. It can whiten skin and kill odor-causing bacteria. Mix a few drops of it with Virgin Coconut Oil, apply it on skin and leave it on for 15 minutes. It will soften and moisturize the skin.

Hair Care: Mix about 5 drops of it with a small amount of water and use it as your shampoo. It can treat dandruff, lessen grey hair, get rid of lice and lice eggs, and stop hair fall.

Eye Care: Mix 2 drops of it with 5 ml. water and use it as an eye drop everyday to treat poor eyesight. You can also use the same solution to treat Pterygium, cataract and sore eyes.

Facial Care: Use it as a facial wash whenever you wash your face. It can eliminate acne, pimples, white heads, black heads and facial warts. Your face will be younger-looking and smoother, and those age spots will be finer. If you want a mudpack effect, soak it on your face for 5 minutes before rinsing. Instead of using the usual astringent and facial toner, add a few drops of it to a wet cotton ball and apply. It can perform facial deep-cleansing and you'll have a natural pore minimizer as well.

Dental Care: Wet your toothbrush and add about 3 drops of it; then, brush your teeth. Add a few drops to a small amount of water to use it as mouthwash. This will eliminate nicotine, tartar, pyuria, bad breath and gum problems. It will also act as teeth whitener.

Ear Care: Clean your ears with a cotton bud that has a few drops of it. It can treat ear wax build up, itching and infection.

Foot Care: Mix about 6 drops of it to 1 liter of water. Soak your feet for about 10 to 15 minutes; and then, scrape off calluses. You can also apply it directly on the infected areas of your feet. Doing this regularly can eliminate odor, eczema, athlete's foot, harmful micro-organism and chemical residue.

Deodorant: Apply directly to underarms or dilute a few drops with water before applying. It can whiten underarms and treat chicken skin.

Feminine Wash: Apply about 3 drops of it to the vagina. You can also mix it with water and use it as a douche. It can treat UTI, vaginal warts and jock itch. It eliminates odor, dryness and itching.

Anti-Hemorrhoids: Mix 3 tbsp. to 3 liters of lukewarm water and sit on the solution. It will relieve you from the wounds and inflammation caused by hemorrhoids or almoranas.

Insect Repellent: Apply it directly on the skin to make it serve as insect repellent lotion. Mix a few drops of it with water to make it serve as insect spray.

Anti-Hyperacidity: Mix about 3 to 5 drops of it with 100 ml. of lukewarm water and drink. It will neutralize acid, oil and alcohol in the body.

Detoxifier: Mix about 3 to 5 drops of it with every glass of water that you'll drink each day. It will flush out toxins and unwanted fats from our bodies, making us healthier and physically fit. It can also help in weight loss. Make sure to intake 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

Food Enhancer: It is a natural vegetable soak and fruit soak. Mix a few drops of it in water and you can soak your veggies, fruits and meat products for cleansing. You'll notice that they won't just be clean; they will also be fresher. Mix a few drops of it with the food you are cooking to enhance its taste. You'll also notice that usual greasy foods such as Bulalo will not be too greasy because this product helps in breaking down oil; thus; promoting good digestion. Moreover, foods that get easily spoiled such as Ginisang Munggo, will have longer life span.

Pet Care: Dilute 1 part of it to 1 part of water and apply on your pet's affected skin areas. It can eliminate skin problems, parasites such as fleas and ticks and odor. It promotes skin and hair improvement on your pets.

Overall Cleaner: Use it to cleanse taints on various objects such as metal, crystals, jewelries, clothes and a whole lot more.

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